Navigating the Corporate Events Venue Landscape: Top 10 Considerations for Hiring a Corporate Events Space or Corporate Retreat Venue in the UK

Navigating the Corporate Events Venue Landscape: Top 10 Considerations for Hiring a Corporate Events Space or Corporate Retreat Venue in the UK

Organising a successful corporate event in the UK involves meticulous planning and often a lot of patience, as the selection of the right venue is paramount.

So whether you’re hosting a conference, a team-building retreat, a company away day, or even a product launch, choosing the perfect corporate event space or retreat venue requires careful consideration.

In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the top 10 key considerations when hiring a corporate events space or retreat venue in the UK.

Our aim is to provide you with a roadmap to navigate the corporate event venue landscape effectively while considering some of the key elements that make a desirable venue and ensuring your attendees or colleagues have everything they need.

1. Location, Location, Location

Whilst obvious to some, choosing the right location for your corporate event or company ‘off-site’ sets the tone and atmosphere for your attendees.

Consider venues that are easily accessible by road, rail, or air, depending on your guests’ locations.

Also, consider the setting itself and how you want attendees to feel when at the event.
Many larger corporates and businesses in the UK are now seeking to broaden their creativity and embed a better mindset and culture within the company.

Taking many events out of the big cities and into the wilderness and more for hire is becoming a favourable option to allow a more focused and relaxed setting in which to captivate the imagination of their colleagues or delegates.

Places a little more off the beaten track can often offer a more diverse variety of accommodations for corporate clients, more beautiful natural surroundings, and often at a much more reasonable price.

2. Accommodating Capacity

Determine the size of your guest list and choose a venue that comfortably accommodates your attendees.

Ensure that the event space can be configured to suit your needs, whether you require a theatre-style setup, a banquet hall, breakout rooms for workshops, or even outdoor spaces to host elements of the event.

Countryside locations have again become a hot choice over recent years as business and event hosts want to give their delegates a multitude of spaces that give them more freedom across the event.

Being confined to one space or one presentation room wouldn’t be anyone’s first choice, so try to consider this when selecting a venue for hire.

3. Amenities and Facilities

Examine the amenities and facilities provided by the venue, thoroughly… and in advance.

Don’t be afraid to discuss with the venue exactly what corporate packages they offer and what those include.

Look for features like easy accessibility, private toilet facilities for your attendees, state-of-the-art audiovisual equipment (if required), high-speed Wi-Fi and even climate control systems or larger, more open spaces to ensure a seamless and comfortable event experience.

Check if the venue offers breakout areas, private kitchens and catering facilities, private meeting rooms, and even relaxation spaces.

4. Catering and Dining Options

Catering plays a crucial role in the success of your corporate event. Let’s face it, if your attendees are thinking about food, then they’re certainly not thinking about the topics of the event or conference in discussion.

Investigate the venue’s catering options, including dietary accommodations, menu variety, and beverage services.

Some venues have in-house catering teams, while others allow external catering providers and can offer private kitchen facilities just for your event.

5. Event Planning Services

Consider venues that offer event planning services, robust corporate packages, or have experienced event coordinators on-site.

These professionals can assist with everything from logistical arrangements to customising the event space to suit your needs, and in general, they will help elevate the experience of your delegates by supporting you in all areas of the pre-event organisation.

6. Accessibility and Parking

It’s 2023, and we’re certain this will be a priority for all corporate event organisers (as it certainly is for us), but evaluate the venue’s accessibility for attendees with mobility needs (from the point of arrival to the accommodation, it is crucial that all guests can enjoy your event with the same ease and comfort).

Ensure that there is ample parking or access to public transportation where required. Convenient parking options can significantly enhance the guest experience and are also worth considering when loading any equipment in and out of the venue (How easy is this? Has this been considered by all parties?).

7. Accommodation

If your event spans multiple days or requires delegates to travel from further afield, accommodation becomes crucial.

Check if the venue offers on-site lodging options or has partnerships with nearby hotels to provide a variety of accommodation choices.

Most successful event venues for hire in the UK will have these options covered, and most likely offering on-site accommodation to your guests will improve their experience and allow for a more relaxed event for all involved.

8. Budget Considerations

The big B word is, of course, paramount to ascertaining which venue for hire is most appropriate for you.

Determine your budget for the corporate event and ensure that the venue’s pricing aligns with your financial plan.

Inquire about any additional costs, such as setup fees, security deposits, or AV equipment rentals. It may be that deposits taken from delegates (subject to the nature of the event itself) will cover these costs in advance.

Discuss with the event venues what pricing options they offer and be crystal clear on everything that is included with your chosen package/venue within the price you pay.

9. Outdoor and Recreational Spaces

Many corporate events can benefit from outdoor spaces for team-building activities, break areas, or relaxation.

If this is relevant to your event, look for venues that provide outdoor areas, gardens, or even a more rural setting to provide attendees with opportunities to enjoy the great outdoors as part of their experience.

10. Sustainability and Eco-Friendly Practices

Environmental consciousness is becoming increasingly important, and many businesses or corporate entities are now making far more eco-friendly conscious choices for their own business practices and indeed how events they host impact the environment.

Consider venues that prioritise sustainability through practices like renewable energy sources, waste reduction, carbon reduction programmes, and even locally sourced organic catering options on site.

Conclusion: Crafting the Perfect Corporate Event Experience

To summarise, selecting the right corporate events space or corporate retreat venue in the UK is a pivotal decision that can significantly impact the success of your event and the feedback you receive from attendees.

By carefully considering factors like location, capacity, amenities, catering, and other facilities, you can navigate the corporate event landscape with confidence.

Whether you’re planning a corporate event in rural Norfolk, a city-centre conference in London, or a coastal retreat in Cornwall, these key considerations will guide you towards a venue that aligns with your vision, company values, and event-specific requirements.

Remember that the perfect venue sets the stage for a memorable and productive corporate event, leaving a lasting impression on your attendees and ensuring a successful and pleasurable event all around.

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