Our journey is collaborative. Just like West Lexham itself, we are evolving and learning as we grow. Our project is much more than an aesthetic mission to restore old buildings. We have created a hive for kindred spirits. A sustainable retreat paradise with open doors to anyone who is drawn to our way of thinking. We believe that together, through sharing ideas and learning from each other, we can add value to the world and our own mental well-being.

Our vision is one of living and learning together. It is not so much a business as a family home opened up for those who share our passions. A place for contemplation, appreciation and transformation for any who seek it. We want to unite a community of change-makers with ambitious dreams of a better life on this planet.

Using regenerative practices and focusing on sustainable retreats that benefit your mental wellbeing are just some of the ways we incorporate our vision into everyday life here at West Lexham.


The pillars of Lexham Life comprise a multi-faceted whole, a way of being in the
world and connecting to each other.


Our inner journey and the way we show up in the world defines all else. The quest to transform ourselves from within never ends. Working towards transforming our negative tendencies is the best way to transform the world.


No holistic approach would be complete without a conscious attempt to learn about ourselves through our relationships. The more we optimise our relationships, the more love and harmony ripples out into the world.


We aim to nourish the mind, body and soul at all levels. Be calmed by time in nature, inspired by good company and well-fed by the amazing food which grows through regenerative practices. Our garden and kitchen teams inspire …


Our symbiosis with the natural world is central to life here & more fundamental than our minds can ever know. We don’t have a relationship with nature, we are nature. Inspired by biodynamic principles and looking after the…


We have united a lively network of inspired students. We have learnt that there is always more to discover and learn. Come for panel discussions, talks, workshops, festivals and a library full of our favourite books.


We try to add movement and playfulness into everything that we do here. Making responsible choices and constantly learning is hard work. Playing is essential for your mental well-being – be it on a dancefloor, via lawn games …


West Lexham is a site for creative endeavour and learning – we have built an incredible setting to offer workshops for kids to adults, in music, rhythm, painting, mosaics, crafts. We put creativity and love into everything.

Our Journey is Collaborative.

Because we are learning as we go and we believe this:

Tell them and they will forget.
Show them and they will remember
Involve them and they will understand.

– Ancient Chinese Proverb

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