Reconnect with Nature and Each Other with a Countryside Retreat

While the last few years have thrown up a myriad of challenges, one thing has remained – our innate need to spend time together in real life. But employees need more than conversing in the conference room. Break away from the metropolis and bring your team to West Lexham.

We strive to create wellness retreats that offer an unforgettable experience for your team and allow them to connect with the natural world around them. We believe in the power of mindfulness and aim to cultivate an atmosphere of peace and relaxation where your team can recharge and come together as a cohesive unit.

Our Norfolk-based sustainably-run event spaces provide the perfect setting for skill-building, communication enhancement, morale-boosting activities and more – all within a serene countryside environment. We tailor every retreat to work perfectly for every client, from large corporate away days to charity team building weekends, guaranteeing each guest’s unforgettable journey. So read on to find out more about what goes into planning a countryside retreat with West Lexham, how we work around what you need and what your team will expect to gain from exploring our glorious corner of the world.

Enhance Your Team’s Wellbeing

What are the benefits of a corporate retreat at West Lexham?

  1. See the strengths of every team member – During a retreat, teams have the chance to discover and appreciate each member’s unique strengths. This is especially true for those who may be quieter or more introspective in their approach.
  2. Improve relationships within teams – A wellness retreat to West Lexham provides a bonding experience that enables every team member to feel part of a life-changing experience and a more powerful link to their organisation.
  3. Getting out into nature – Our tranquil 21-acre estate provides the perfect environment to foster collaboration, innovation, creativity and inspiration.


Organising a corporate retreat with West Lexham

It begins with a site visit for the clients to view the beautiful grounds of West Lexham, the accommodation and the venue spaces, and gauge what activities want to be held. After this, we will find a date that works for you, and then you need to turn up! We make it our duty to have everything prepared in time for your retreat, ensuring everything is organised and made comfortable to take the stress away from the retreat leader so they can have the most relaxing wellness retreat without any worries.

Accommodation on a West Lexham Retreat

A huge part of making things comfortable for retreats is to ensure that the leader sends us a layout of how they want the bedrooms set up at least two weeks before the day of arrival. Most members of groups are happy to share bedrooms, although some prefer their own rooms for privacy. Communication is essential in this part of the booking process as all rooms must be set up correctly to meet the needs of all guests attending. This, in turn, makes it very easy for retreat leader to allocate their guests to their rooms.

Catering at West Lexham

Meals are an essential part of bringing groups of people together. And like every other aspect of your countryside retreat, we ensure that all needs are taken care of, from dietary requirements right up to the laying out of cutlery on tables. At West Lexham, you can indulge in the flavours of Norfolk at our very own West Lexham Garden Kitchen. Our talented chefs utilise the daily harvest of fresh, seasonal vegetables, fruits, flowers, and herbs from the garden steps away to create an organic and delectable menu. Complemented by locally-sourced artisanal produce, we bring out the true essence of Norfolk cuisine.

Configuring the Event Spaces at West Lexham

Our spaces offer the flexibility to be configured in a multitude of ways. Typically, corporate groups like a setup space mimicking a conference event with theatre-style or tables in the centre of the room for talks or workshops. Our spaces can also be left clear for your yoga, fitness & meditation groups or set up for your team-building, conference-style groups. In addition, we ask the leader well in advance to let us know if they need yoga equipment or if they have any other specific requests. Again, this takes the stress away from the retreat leader, making their journey more comfortable and reassuring. 

Configuring the Event Spaces at West Lexham

At West Lexham, we invite you to transform your plan for a corporate retreat into a mindful, team-building weekend, perfect for large corporations to charity and not-for-profit organisations looking to come together and share ideas. Our serene surroundings in the Norfolk countryside provide the perfect backdrop for teams to disconnect from daily distractions and cultivate meaningful connections with one another. Engage in team-building activities, personal development workshops, and strategic planning sessions, surrounded by nature’s beauty, and after a productive day, unwind in our luxurious accommodations designed for ultimate comfort and relaxation. With beautifully designed, sustainable amenities and delicious locally-sourced organic meals, leave feeling rejuvenated, inspired and more closely connected as a team.

Sound like heaven? Talk to our friendly team to start organising your team’s wellness retreat within our stunning countryside estate.

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