How to Make the Most of your Wellness Retreat

Wellness is a booming industry, and post-Covid many of us are far more aware of the benefits of a rounded lifestyle that incorporates well-being in day-to-day life and business. West Lexham has been offering opportunities to escape and rejuvenate for over 12 years. In fact, West Lexham is designed to be a collaborative, transformative environment, harnessing nature and well-being at its very core. Whether you hope to transition away from old habits, inspire new change, or give life a good shake-up and try something new – wellness retreats are rewarding experiences shaped to inspire. But how do you ensure you come away feeling enlightened and refreshed?

Below we look at what a retreat designed to enhance your well-being is and then explore the elements of these retreats that will all add up to helping you reconnect with yourself and how West Lexham can be the perfect setting!

What can a wellness retreat offer me?

A wellness retreat allows people to take a break from their everyday lives and focus on personal wellness. It provides an environment that enables people to relax, recharge, and reconnect with themselves through meditative activities, healthy eating, and time to explore nature. West Lexham provides guests with an environment to rejuvenate their minds and bodies and share these experiences with like-minded people in a shared environment. with those also looking to do the same.

Reconnect with yourself, prioritising self-care

Well-being retreats allow us to dive deep into being present with ourselves, taking time to be quiet, breathe deeply, slow down and rest. When life takes over, work stretching into your evenings and being connected 24/7 to the digital world, it can be easy to forget who you really are: what makes you tick, what makes you smile and what makes you feel present. Enabling you the chance to slow down, break away and take a step back will help you focus on connecting to your best self whilst nestled in the tranquillity of nature. Attending a retreat can help you remember all that, and help you align your values and set new intentions to take away with you.

Explore Somewhere New

Many wellness retreats are located in spectacular surroundings as they allow us to reconnect with nature’s grounding force and beauty. At West Lexham, we have 21 acres of Norfolk to discover. We are a regenerative and sustainable retreat location that runs on biodynamic principles. We have carefully restored our historic farm and estate buildings and surrounding wildlands to create an active habitat that is an absolute joy to explore! Choose a retreat that helps you slow down and connect with the beauty of nature surrounding you.

What kind of wellness retreat is right for me?

An essential part of any retreat will be the activities at its heart. Some will have a strong holistic focus, others centred around balancing your hormones and some exercise-focused, helping you better your physical and mental health. So, if you want to focus on a particular area you need help with, do your homework and work out whom you’d like to be guided by. At West Lexham, we host an array of Holistic retreats, all hosted by industry experts. See our What’s On page to discover retreats we are holding this year.

For an especially memorable experience with plenty of activities led by experienced teachers, West Lexham is the ideal destination. We have the experience to hold and re-energise you, mind, body and soul. Maybe you need some time out from the hustle and bustle of the city or a change of pace. Perhaps you are hoping to invigorate your art or creative practice. Are you hoping to build a new perspective on life or heal an aspect that’s out of balance? Or, maybe you love the idea of meeting like minds and immersing yourself in the natural energy of the land and its stunning scenery. 

We’d love to have you here and believe it to be a genuinely healing and nourishing space. Get in touch to find out more, or click here to view more information on retreats at West Lexham here.

Are you a retreat leader? From yoga retreats to meditation, singing to silence, energy movement, sound healing, mindfulness and total relaxation, West Lexham is the perfect venue to hire for your holistic retreat. Contact our team today to find out more.

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