What is Vernal Equinox and how it’s the Perfect Time for Spiritual Growth

What is Spring Equinox?

Spring Equinox, also known as Vernal Equinox, is nature’s new year when the amount of daylight and nighttime hours are just about equal in length, but it also signals the start of Spring! With this comes new life, brighter evenings, fresh energy and an opportunity for renewal and spiritual growth.

Setting resolutions in January can be high-pressured, as people feel forced to make changes (and it doesn’t help it’s cold and dark). Why not set new intentions aligned to nature’s January 1st – which is, in fact, the 20th of March? We have a chance to clear away any negative energy from our lives, reconnect with nature, and embark on activities designed to heal us mentally and emotionally, such as attending a holistic wellness retreat, doing yoga, journaling and more. For those looking to become happier and healthier this year, it’s the perfect opportunity to take intentional steps towards becoming more mindful of your spiritual journey.

Below we explore effective ways of recentering yourself while nurturing your mind and body during the vernal equinox season to unlock our highest potential and uncover hidden strengths within us.


Reconnect with Nature

Reconnecting with nature during the Vernal Equinox is a beautiful way to foster spiritual growth and nurture our mental wellbeing, body and soul. The equinox is an excellent opportunity to start again with new intentions and new projects. Exploring natural areas like woodlands or parks can help us appreciate the beauty of our environment and provide us with a sense of peace and clarity. To further embrace this season, consider visiting our particular corner of the UK, West Lexham, for a weekend. We have every type of tree and shrub indigenous to the UK, creating an estate rich in biodiversity. By surrounding ourselves with nature’s beauty and connecting to her with an open heart, we can put our lives into perspective and get guidance on how to move forwards. Just stop, feel the peace and be open to receive. You might be surprised by what arises when you slow down.

Go on Peaceful Retreat or begin a Study Program

A holistic wellness retreat, spiritual study or embarking on any program of learning that feels right for you can help you develop in powerful and transformative ways. Allow yourself to be open to new experiences, connections and ideas that can create opportunities for growth. By actively engaging in activities that help us become more mindful and aware of our relationship with the world around us, we can start to understand our purpose and find meaning within ourselves.

Journaling to Support your Mental Wellbeing

Journaling can be an incredibly powerful tool to explore your spiritual growth during the Vernal Equinox. Writing down your thoughts and intentions can help clarify the current themes in your life. Spend time reflecting on where you are in your life and what you hope to accomplish, and explore any goals or intentions you have set for yourself. Writing down these musings can be like talking to a good friend — it helps to release built-up emotions, celebrate successes and brainstorm solutions for anything that remains unresolved. Use this season for reflection and self-exploration.

Take a leaf from nature’s book and see where you can grow in a new direction.

West Lexham is an ideal place for this; its rich environment provides the perfect backdrop for reflection and gaining insight into our own tendencies and habits. By taking in its natural beauty and actively engaging in activities, like a peaceful retreat, that help us become more mindful and aware of how we are one and the same with the world we live in, we can unlock our highest potential and uncover hidden strengths within ourselves.

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