The Difference between Sustainability vs Regeneration

We aim at West Lexham to inspire, empower and encourage people to take responsibility for making the best choice for not only themselves but the planet. We are proudly committed to sustainable and regenerative practices, but what is the difference?

Join us in our latest blog as we introduce the difference between sustainability and regeneration and how we apply these planet-loving principles throughout the whole West Lexham estate. From holding sustainable retreats to back-to-nature weekends away, you can explore our commitment to the planet with our biodiverse agriculture to the water that pours from our taps.

Sustainability vs Regeneration

Essentially, regenerative and sustainable actions use the same practices, but the application and management differ.

The core difference between sustainability and regeneration is that sustainability focuses on preserving resources in their current state, while regeneration actively works to improve the natural environment beyond that. Sustainability involves activities such as reducing waste, using renewable energy sources, and finding ways to conserve resources; on the other hand, regeneration goes further, creating systems that work with nature to restore damaged ecosystems. It is a more proactive approach to fixing our planet’s ecosystems and overall health and reversing human impact.

“The climate crisis is not a science problem. It is a human problem. The ultimate power to change the world does not reside in technology. It relies on reverence, respect, and compassion – for ourselves, for all people, and for all life. This is regeneration.”

Regenerative practices use a holistic framework that aims to continuously renew the land and improve the overall environment, embracing the idea that we’ve degraded the planet so much that even if we stopped everything and did no more harm, that would not be enough for nature to recover. That’s why regeneration encompasses restoration. Designing for renewal also goes even further than restoring nature. It also means reconnecting with our humanity, re-learning how to communicate and work better within the fragilities of every bioregion with its unique characteristics.

How do we weave regeneration and sustainability through every fibre of West Lexham?

Regeneration is much more than simply stopping the destruction of our planet; it’s about actively restoring and improving ecosystems for a brighter future. Rather than solely mitigating further degradation, everyone at West Lexham works towards allowing nature to recover its self-regulation abilities so life can create conditions conducive to even more life. We can achieve this goal through numerous restorative practices, including our kitchen garden using biodynamic principles whilst growing organic produce, our wildlands creating an active habitat for biodiversity, and our restored chalk stream, which is available from every tap throughout West Lexham.

By encouraging regenerative practices as well as only being sustainable, we can increase biodiversity and create a better world for us all.

Discover the magic of West Lexham, as we continually strive to add value to our environment through sharing ideas and learning from each other. We run our estate on +90% renewables and organic principles, and throughout our special corner of the world, you’ll be able to spot how we reuse, rebuild and recycle to restore the site’s historic buildings and the surrounding wildlife and together enhance our local economy.

Our goal is to unite a community of change-makers with ambitious dreams for a better world. At West Lexham, we are proudly committed to holding sustainable retreats, corporate events and holidays and being proactive with our regenerative practices. We hope you’ll join us in striving to be kind to the environment. Reach out and talk to us to see how you can visit, learn and grow with us.

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