Live a Tantric Life : Living a Tantric Life

Live a Tantric Life : Living a Tantric Life
28 MARCH 2018

We are pleased to be hosting a special women’s retreat during the Spring Equinox at West Lexham on 16 – 20 March, 2016. In this highlight feature we introduce Roxanna Minnona (aka Roxy) the retreat leader all the way from Byron Bay, Australia. Roxanna is a renowned teacher, assisting men and women to reconnect with their essential nature and their true calling both in her native Australia and all around the world on her frequent tours.


In 2002 Roxanna launched Dancing the Divine, a pioneering series of workshops, retreats and courses that she created to help women access their authentic expression in life. Since it’s inception this body of work has grown and evolved and is now practiced by a thriving community of women actively engaged in living their lives to their fullest potential.

She appreciates that sexuality and divinity is one and the same, and shares tools to enable participants to access this eternal spring of life force, allowing it to live through them so that femininity is restored naturally in women and consciousness is inspired in men.

Roxanna invites women to undo and release their societal conditioning and explore their true nature through the ancient art of Sacred Sexual Dance, also knows as “Temple Dance”. The movements of this dance are encoded in our cells, beyond thoughts our bodies remember. Through this and other practices Roxanna shares in her work, we reawaken connection to ourselves, to the Divine spark of life that we are.

In more recent years, Roxanna has expanded her services to offer mentoring programs, private sessions and weekly Yoni yoga – Inner Bliss Therapy to assist women in continuing their spiritual work and maintaining an orgasmic life. Roxanna also offers her guidance and assistance to Men with discourses and private sessions.

Roxanna is dedicated to living an authentic life full of vitality and truth, and continues to share her life’s work by inspiring participants to access their inner wisdom, harness their innate power, and cultivate healthy and successful relationships.


This retreat held at the Spring Equinox gives women an opportunity to utilise the forces of nature that are enhanced at this potent juncture.

The Spring energies arise within us like a phoenix from the ashes. You could say it is a time of feminine revival and sexual awakening, bringing light to the dark corners within our personal and collective psyche for the purpose of healing, liberation and peace in all women – the womb from which all is manifest.

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