Introducing our Head of Housekeeping, Natasha!

30 JULY 2021

Meet our Head of Housekeeping, Natasha

If you’ve visited us at West Lexham before, then you’ll have noticed all the effort that goes into making each and every guest feel as welcome as possible. Making sure the rooms are beautifully clean and cosy, with flowers to welcome you? That’s Natasha and her team’s work! She’s an absolute joy to work with, and we feel it’s finally time for you to get to know her properly so, we asked her some questions!

What’s your job role at West Lexham?

Head of Housekeeping.

What do you love most about working here?

I love the team! How beautiful the surroundings are and how no day is ever the same!

How do you like to spend your downtime? 

Ooh, gardening, spending time at my house (Natasha has a gorgeous eco-house that was featured on grand designs!) and going out to eat at good restaurants. Not to be confused with expensive, good just means really fabulous food.

What’s your favourite book, one you always re-read?

Perfume by Patrick Suskind! Or anything by Nora Ephron or Elizabeth Taylor! There’s loads actually…

Tell us about your dream dinner party: food, guests, setting…

Okay so, if it’s a dream dinner party I’m going all out! Homemade taramasalata, gazpacho and loads of delicious bread with chunks of cold, unsalted butter. Then, fresh poached salmon with aioli and lots of different salads, cheeses and more bread. For pud, we’ll have warm brownie and ice-cream or elderflower fool with shortbread biscuits. The venue has to be a Tuscany, on a hillside with a grotto and natural pool, at sunset of course! I’d invite Stephen Fry, Joe Lycett, Helen McCrory, my friend who died recently: Isabelle Bliss, Steve Martin, Michael Palin, Desmond Tutu and Jimi Hendrix! A big bash, with loads of interesting and amazing people. God, I’d love it!

What’s your favourite song, one that never fails to get you dancing?

Movin’ on up by Primal scream!

Tell us the best thing about living in Norfolk?

The views, the range of weather, The Broads, The Sea, there’s so much variety! You can be alone or surrounded by people within twenty minutes of each-other. It’s amazing.

Now you’ve met Natasha, we’ll keep introducing you to the rest of the team, so make sure you tune in next month to find out even more about who’s behind the magic of West Lexham! We’ll also be sharing plenty of insider information and our best tips to get you living the eco dream and Lexham lifestyle in your own homes!

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