A Christmas Full Of Healing

Discover the epitome of tranquility and natural beauty for your Christmas retreat at West Lexham. As a retreat leader seeking a serene and nurturing setting for transformative experiences, look no further. West Lexham offers an idyllic space for fulfillment exercises and a variety of holistic retreat activities, ranging from rejuvenating yoga sessions to mindful meditation, energising energy movement, sound healing, and blissful relaxation.

Embrace the festive spirit in the heart of nature as you guide your participants through enriching retreat sessions. Allow the picturesque surroundings to elevate the experience, enabling deep connection and personal growth. Whether your retreat focuses on mindfulness, self-discovery, or holistic wellness, West Lexham’s peaceful ambiance and lush landscapes provide the ideal backdrop for moments of reflection and self-empowerment.

Embark on a transformative Christmas retreat experience at West Lexham, where the beauty of nature intertwines with the essence of holistic healing and self-discovery. Book now and let the spirit of the season illuminate your retreat’s path towards wellness and growth!

Retreat Leader Packages

Customise your retreat to suit your unique vision and theme. With various indoor and outdoor spaces, accommodation options, and a supportive team, we offer the flexibility you need to curate an exceptional Christmas retreat.

Let the magic of the season inspire your journey towards holistic well-being, creating a meaningful and memorable event for both you and your retreat participants.

Day 1: Arrival and Welcome Arrive and settle into cosy, festively adorned accommodation. Engage in yoga, meditation, and a welcoming dinner to set the retreat’s intention.

Day 2: Wellness and Connection Explore energy movement, mindfulness, and personal growth workshops. Enjoy a magical sound healing session and fireside gathering in the evening.

Day 3: Celebration and Reflection Partake in celebratory yoga and a creative workshop. Share a final brunch, reflecting on the transformative journey.

Departure: Leave with cherished memories and a rejuvenated spirit, ready to embrace the festive season ahead. 

What To Expect

Step into a Truly Unique Christmas Experience at West Lexham, a magical eco-paradise nestled in the heart of the Norfolk countryside. Here, amidst the enchanting beauty of expansive gardens, rolling fields, and serene lakes, you and your colleagues will be transported to a winter wonderland like no other.

Picture this – a cosy log fire crackling warmly, the air filled with the scent of festive delights, and the sound of laughter and camaraderie echoing through the trees. At West Lexham, we’re all about sustainability and organic principles, so you can revel in the holiday spirit knowing that we run on renewables, embracing nature’s gifts while celebrating the season of giving.

What’s even more exciting is that when you book your Christmas retreat with us, you’ll have the entire estate exclusively for your enjoyment should you wish. Roam freely amidst the breathtaking landscape, and if you fancy some unique festive activities, our reservation team can arrange delightful experiences like yoga sessions in nature and soul-stirring drumming circles around cosy firepits.

Prepare to be charmed by our picture-perfect scenery and awe-inspiring accommodations. Every nook and cranny of West Lexham exudes the festive cheer that will make your office Christmas party genuinely unforgettable. Savour the joy of togetherness as you and your team indulge in delectable seasonal food and drink, raising your spirits to new heights.

But wait, there’s more! With an array of exciting activities at your fingertips, we’ll tailor the celebration to suit your team’s preferences and bring everyone closer together. It’s the perfect opportunity to reconnect, boost morale, and energise for the coming year ahead.

So, this holiday season, let West Lexham weave its magic, enchanting you and your colleagues in a delightful, heartwarming atmosphere. Embrace the festive spirit and embark on a journey that promises memories to cherish for a lifetime. Book now, and let the merriment begin!




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