Meet West Lexham’s Newest Recruits – our Kickstarters

Meet the Team … 

So much has been changing and developing in the last year and it’s time to finally share some of the stories, behind the scenes and incredible staff members with you.

Here at West Lexham we’re passionate about getting young people educated about nature and the amazing things we do here, so when we heard about the government Kickstarter scheme, we knew we wanted to get involved. The scheme is all about getting young people back into work and training them to have skills that will get them set up for future careers and this week, we’re introducing you to our first three hires via this project. To get you properly acquainted, I asked them all some of our favourite questions, so meet Harry, Stacy and Tim!

What’s your job role at West Lexham?

Harry: Gardens and Grounds Keeper.

Stacy: Sales, marketing and bookings assistant.

Tim: Gardens and Grounds keeper.

What floats your boat? How do you like to spend your downtime? 

Harry: I really like playing football and going to the pub. Hoping to spend some of my free time travelling Australia, when things open up again.

Stacy: I love reading, spending time with my family and writing.

Tim: I spend most of my free time playing videogames or painting Warhammer.

Tell us about your dream dinner party: food, guests, setting…

Harry: This one is easy, a massive Italian buffet and I’d have Pep Guardiola, Michael Jackson and Snoop Dogg as guests. The setting would have to be Bali, because why not?

Stacy: I’m going for bruschetta, olives and cheese boards in Italy, you can’t beat that! I’d invite Terry Pratchett, Robin Williams and Julie Walters, it’d be a table full of amazing food and conversation.

Tim: I’m keeping it simple: homemade lasagne, in my back garden, with my mates.

What’s your favourite song, one that never fails to get you dancing?

Harry: Highwayman by The Highwaymen

Stacy: Dancing in the Moonlight by Toploader

Tim: Under no illusions by Savage Messiah

Tell us the best thing about living in Norfolk?

Harry: It’s really peaceful here.

Stacy: Most of my close family lives in Norfolk, so it always feels like home because of that. There’s loads of other amazing things, but getting to be close to them is the best thing for me.

Tim: The nature. There’s so much greenery in Norfolk and you’re never far from somewhere naturally beautiful.

Where do you want to be in ten years?

Harry: I love football, so I’d really like to be a professional football coach in the major leagues.

Stacy: I’d love to have had my writing published.

Tim: In ten years I’d really like to own my own house.

Now you’ve met our first three Kickstarters, we can’t wait to introduce you to more. We have several positions open through the scheme and would love to get more people involved in West Lexham, check out our careers page to see what we have available! As always, stay tuned for more introductions, behind the scenes and our top tips and tricks to live your best Lexham life.

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