How to choose the right Yoga Retreat

How to choose the right Yoga Retreat
25 APRIL 2018

There are four things that, when combined together, have my step-sister setting sail for an ultimate trip to euphoria: yoga, relaxation, friends, and wine! Whatever your idea of heaven for a weekend away, yoga retreats provide you with a great opportunity to unwind and have some fun, meeting all kinds of like-minded people. I hear so many times stories where yoga trips have changed individual lives but finding the right one may sap your core strength before you’ve even started!


If you’re looking for a perfect yoga retreat in the UK, then look no further! We are located in a lovely part of rural Norfolk, a bespoke countryside yoga retreat venue, easily accessible for a weekend away in beautiful tranquil surroundings. Passionate about supporting all forms of spiritual growth, creative awakening and sustainability, with locally produced food that is lovingly prepared in a caring atmosphere, we have 21 acres of grounds and heritage buildings in which to relax and lift your emotions. We’ve hosted many yoga retreat groups, making friends with many regular leaders, teachers and organisers, all of whom return because they love our unique, quirky, eco-friendly venue, combined with our professional and hassle-free approach.


So – you’ve possibly been thinking about coming on a yoga retreat some time, perhaps this year, and you are searching for different options now, or perhaps you are new to the idea having never been on one before. Either way, please don’t feel overwhelmed by the list of options from our selection of upcoming courses.

The first and most important thing to do is to have a clear understanding of what kind of experience you want, what you are hoping to get out of the experience, so you find your perfect match. We are sure to have something for you:-

· Are you looking for an intense spiritual experience with deep meditation, breathing, self-love and positivity?
· Maybe you may be looking for the opportunity to de-stress and refresh, eat well, have fun and be pampered?
· Perhaps you want intensely energetic classes that focus on improving poses or perfecting alignments.
· Possibly you are looking to deepen your current practise knowledge.

We are often asked by prospective guests which retreat, teacher or style of yoga they would most enjoy. The short answer you can see is that there are just so many!


It’s a good idea to check the itinerary as this will make a huge difference to how you will feel throughout your retreat. If the idea of waking up at 7am for a morning yoga or fitness class fills you with dread, preferring instead to relaxing and starting you day with a lie in and finishing it with a refreshing class of wine, then there will be a retreat here for you!

There are so many styles possible for a yoga weekend, and there is something for everyone sometime here at West Lexham, but the challenge for you is to find out what style is right for your own needs.

I’ve found that yoga enthusiasts practically speak their own language! There are many labels attached to various styles, with some crazy sounding names, but please don’t be intimidated by them! We host some of the UKs most experienced and inspiring yoga teachers and companies that run, amongst others, Kundalini yoga, Restorative & Yin yoga, Sivananda yoga, Hatha yoga, Iyenger yogi, Jivamukti yoga, Vinyasa flow yoga, yoga Nidra, yoga Asana, Pranayama, Ashtanga yoga weekends and breaks. Many retreats also include some form of detoxing, silence, reflexology, pilates, massage, mindfulness, gong baths, nature walks, singing, dance, fitness (various), sweat lodge, cleansing, reiki and even butt-bursting boot camps!

Hopefully, skimming the retreat schedule of the upcoming courses at West Lexham won’t be a real exercise in confusion! Please look at the photos, read through the retreat descriptions offered by the yoga leaders, and their biographies, and see which sounds most appealing to you. Check out their social media sites and look for recommendations. To help guide you through the lingo, perhaps do a bit of research online on their style of yoga and contact the retreat leaders.


Although the retreat leaders run their retreats in very different ways, they all draw upon their vast knowledge, expertise and personality to create a quality yoga experience, with care and understanding to make their particular style accessible and enjoyable for as many as possible. If you are stuck trying to decide which retreat to book, something that shouldn’t be rushed, discussing any of your concerns with your yoga hosts and instructors will make a huge difference to knowing how you expect to feel when you come. So – when searching for the right retreat for you, just be sure to ask the right questions first.


Very often there will be differences in the price range of the yoga retreats, although they have the same duration and are held at the same venue. These differences may be because of seasonality or duration (which need to work for you personally), however many of the differences will come from different types of offerings. Some indicators are:

· Accommodation type
· Barn
· Village Hall
· Sleeping arrangements (shared or sole occupancy)
· Type of catering service & meal types (consider dietary needs)
· Size of the group
· Number of classes compared to free time
· Styles & level of yoga

Finding the right retreat for you doesn’t have to be expensive, however you do need to have a budget, so you know what you’re looking for.


Going on a retreat with a friend can save you money if you share accommodation, doing so comfortably with someone you know. It could be a great way to keep memories alive, helping to keep you motivated after the retreat. On the other hand, you may want to travel alone, pushing yourself out of your comfort zone in a like-minded group environment, as an opportunity to make new friends, being as quiet or as wild as you like, without anyone having expectations of you!

I hope this has helped you!

Once you’re sure, please check availability.

We look forward to welcoming you here for a very special experience.


Managing Partner

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