Summer Retreat with The Yoga Collective and Hill Start Nutrition
10 June, 2022

Friday 10th to Monday 13th June

Summer Retreat with The Yoga Collective and Hill Start Nutrition

From Barcelona to Mallorca and the Yorkshire Dales, Clare and Wendy have delivered many very successful retreats.

Their unique retreat experience incorporates Yoga, Holistic Massage, Walking and Cooking. This wonderful 3 night retreat includes several hours of yoga each day – Vinyasa, Yin and meditation.  And of course, plenty of nourishing freshly cooked vegetarian, and vegan food and lots of space to chill out and relax.

Wendy is a Naturopathic Nutritional Therapist who is on a mission to get everyone to ditch boring restrictive diets and fall back in love with real food.

She believes that knowledge is power but understands that there are a huge number of conflicting headlines about food and nutrition.  She loves to cut through the headlines and share the facts in a down-to-earth relatable way.

Her other passions are eating and talking – which combine with her weekly podcast ‘are you REALLY going to eat that’ where you get to hear the real and honest version of her, including her love of pizza and beer! Wendy believes that balance is key, and she wants to help take the fear away from food and dieting and bring back some joy.

Throughout the weekend Wendy & Clare will be cooking and entertaining you.

Wendy will help you to understand that eating for health & wellness need not be boring, restrictive, and expensive.

For more information call Clare on 07877 627990 or email

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