Nadha Kriya Retreat

Nadha Kriya Retreat
19 May, 2023

Nadha Kriya Retreat

19-21st May 2023

A unique opportunity to be in the presence of a Spiritual Master at the idyllic West Lexham in Norfolk this May. Balarishi Sri Vishwashirasini, a Guru, Mystic and Visionary from Southern India, travels to the UK to deliver Her Nadha Kriya meditation workshop.

Nadha Kriya is a guided meditation program derived from the unique chants of Sri Balarishi Ma. It is a comprehensive spiritual practice for cleansing and channelizing one’s energy and making the seeker more receptive to higher possibilities. The program is aimed at reducing stress, anger and frustration, instils a state of peace, harmony and love within, broadening perception, and improving concentration and productivity.

Nurture and immerse yourself for a weekend at the quiet and lush settings of the beautiful West Lexham Manor. Set in a 21-acre rural estate with splendid gardens, lakes and woodlands, the venue lends itself perfectly to an unforgettable weekend of true awakening.

Enjoy well-catered sattvic vegan meals, luxury accommodation and plenty of time to explore the peace and tranquillity of West Lexham.

About Nadha Kriya

Each aspect of our life has an expression of energy. This energy state differs according to the karmic structure of an individual. Being conscious of this energy is paramount to being in harmony with oneself and with the external world. Breathing with awareness has an in-depth cleansing quality – Breath coupled with sound has an intense positive impact on the self and the layers of our mind. Through NadhaKriya, we learn to eliminate internal blocks within our mind which are otherwise hidden beyond normal awareness.

Nadha Kriya is a pure form of sound meditation conducted by Sri Balarishi. The mantras originating from Her immerse the seeker in a deep meditative state naturally. In this workshop, the karmic structure of the participant opens to the realms of Nadha – the divine sound, which is a powerful instrument to cleanse and elevate one’s energy levels. The sessions are designed to enhance collective consciousness among the participating group as well as bring about individual awareness. The course culminates with a ceremonial puja adhering to the Siddha tradition.

About West Lexham

Half a world away (but just a short hop from London / Cambridge), a tranquil haven is waiting for you to drop in. West Lexham is a hub for connectivity and inspiration, a holistic and healing retreat venue set in an idyllic river valley replete with ancient trees and abundant wildlife.

Within West Lexham, the cosy and atmospheric Village Hall and adjoining cottages provide the perfect space for this magical retreat.

You will have access to all the facilities that West Lexham has to offer, including;

  • Luxurious accommodation (en-suite and shared rooms)
  • Organic vegetarian/vegan meals
  • Nature walks, Wild swimming in the lakes
  • Over 20 acres of beautiful, landscaped gardens
  • Naturally filtered swimming pool


Cost for the entire weekend retreat, including food and accommodation:

1. Hall cottage –

 Three en-suite bedrooms – all double occupancy: £425 per person

2: Arch cottage –

a: One en-suite bedroom – double occupancy: £425 per person

b: One Quad room with an en-suite facility – 4 occupants: £375 per person

c: Two double occupancy bedrooms utilising a shared bathroom – £375 per person.

In order to make this experience accessible to all audiences, we can offer staggered payment options:

25% deposit to reserve a place

25% by 15 April 2023

25% by 01 May 2023

25% during registration at the venue

About Balarishi Sri Vishwashirasini

Balarishi Sri Vishwashirasini is a yogini who hails from a Siddha lineage. Fondly addressed as “Sri Balarishi Ma”, she entered into the spiritual path at the tender age of 10 and established Sri Balarishi Peetam, a centre for meditation and Nadha Yoga, at the age of 12 in a small hamlet in Southern India.

Being an authentic poet, author, and speaker, Sri Balarishi Ma has a keen understanding and involvement in the new generation and updates herself with the current problems of humanity and sees ancient Indian spirituality as its solution.

Sri Balarishi Ma’s mission and vision of nature, spirituality, and social and economic subjects have led to many interviews at International conferences about nurturing nature with spirituality, Yoga Sutra elucidating the science of Yoga Patanjali and many more. She has also conducted several lectures, satangs, meditation workshops, and discourses and even kindly obliges to speak to seekers individually. She travels across the globe to deliver spiritual discourses and meditation workshops.

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