Myofascial Yoga Retreat
9 June, 2023

Myofascial Yoga Retreat

9-11th June 2023

Hosted at the glorious West Lexham in Norfolk, you will enjoy bespoke en-suite accommodation, full use of all the on-site facilities and the beautiful grounds, including heated outdoor pool and the option of wild swimming in the lake as well as free use of the rowing boats. You will partake in multiple classes and workshops, with all meals and refreshments included for your entire stay!

Summer is the season when the natural world is in bloom, enjoying its own intrinsic beauty and abundance. We often marvel at its unashamed celebration of its goodness, drinking in its colourful show and revelling in the warmth and wonder. On this retreat, we are going to explore how we can begin to recognise and celebrate that own natural beauty and abundance within ourselves.

An exciting part of this weekend will be experiencing a myofascial unwinding workshop to introduce you to this form of free, intuitive movement and help you release stuck patterns that may be inhibiting you from your fullest expression of yourself.

How would it feel to shake free of our preconceptions? How would it be to focus on the GOOD in us and what we do well rather than getting bogged down in the negatives? How would it be to bring the awareness to the pockets of goodness within our physical bodies? How would it be to experience joy and freedom in movement, even if we still have tension and pain? How would it be to apply the principle of “yes, and…” and to say, “yes, my body hurts sometimes, AND there are still things I can do and enjoy”? How would it be to release the stuck goodness within us?

In neuroscience, the saying goes, “what fires together, wires together”, meaning by focusing on the good, we can quite literally re-program our experience of our own bodies and minds to one that is grounded in a more positive way. By exploring together through movement, meditation and myofascial unwinding, we will connect with those “good” places within us; the things about ourselves we can celebrate; our full spectrum of inner colours, our joys, and our own wonder.

By engaging with your body mindfully, you will be invited to learn its language and how it speaks to you, giving you more choice in how you work with it. The ways we will explore this include:

1. Exploring different movements without causing harm

2. Identifying your own ranges of movement

3. Learning how to recognise what your body is telling you

4. Utilising myofascial unwinding to release stuck patterns

5. Practicing myofascial rebounding to open up more options and choices within the system

6. Partaking in meditation to explore your own superpowers and what you wish to celebrate in yourself

These empowering tools will help you be better able to support your own overall health and well-being as well as reduce pain/tension, enhancing balance in the body’s systems and promoting relaxation.


We will stay in the luxury holiday cottages at West Lexham for this retreat. All rooms benefit from underfloor heating and bespoke sustainable design; most are en-suite (see below for details). We will eat together in the wonderful communal space, and our classes and workshops will be in the beautiful Village Hall. All rooms are ground floor and within a minute’s walk of the Village Hall. You will also have access to all facilities at West Lexham for the duration of your stay, including its rolling, peaceful grounds, wild swimming and heated outdoor pool.

What is Myofascial Yoga?

Myofascial Yoga invites you into a conversation with your body, giving you time and space to learn how to listen and communicate more deeply. By learning to recognise what your body is saying, it is possible to reduce pain, improve movement, build resilience and increase well-being, all whilst having fun at the same time!

Myofascial Yoga was developed by Christine Wushke, an myofascial release practitioner, yoga therapist, Hakomi teacher and functional movement trainer. By recognising and applying the commonalities between traditional yoga practice and the latest fascial research, Christine has developed a way of working with the body that meets you where you are at, allowing you to move forward with your recovery from wherever you are.


Claire Sangster – Claire has completed a 200hr Myofascial Yoga Teacher with Christine Wushke and is currently working towards the 500hr certification and assisting on the current round of 200hr training. Claire has trained extensively with John F. Barnes in the USA in the practice of Release (MFR) and is also a Holy Fire III Karuna Reiki master teacher, experienced reflexologist and trained massage therapist. Claire recognises the individuality of each person, and her holistic approach responds to the causes of your symptoms, your body and you. Claire has had her own journey with chronic pain and is always excited to help others find freedom, space and peace within their own bodies.

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