Myofascial Yoga Retreat with Claire Sangster

Myofascial Yoga Retreat with Claire Sangster
9 December, 2022

Friday 9th December to 11th December

Myofascial Yoga Retreat with Claire Sangster

Join Claire Sangster on a Winter Retreat aimed at giving you a window of rest and relaxation before the festive season. You will enjoy bespoke en-suite accommodation, full use of all our on-site facilities and the beautiful grounds, as well as partaking in multiple classes and workshops, a special sound bath from SahaSarah and all meals and refreshments included for your entire stay! You will also have the option of adding in hands-on Myofascial Release treatments from the wonderful Catherine Franks.

Theme: Embracing Rest and Journeying Within

In this modern day world, our nervous systems are often switched into a heightened, activated state nearly all of the time, leaving our bodies working hard and fast constantly, powered by stress hormones. Winter is the season when the natural world quietens down and enters into the energy of rest and restore. Nature teaches us that if this season of rest is not honoured, the yield tends to not be as abundant in the spring (showing us how important resting really is).

By learning through experiential practices different ways to switch off and also how to recognise when we are activated, we are given the gift of awareness in how we are within our bodies, thus promoting optimum health and well-being. This in turn means less pain, more energy, less tension and more resilience.

Using the myofascial yoga approach, meditation and an extremely special sound bath experience facilitated by guest teacher SahaSarah, we will be using this retreat to learn how to enter into and recognise the gifts of resting in our own bodies.

By engaging the fascia mindfully, learning about nervous system states, tensegral range and principles such as interoception and proprioception, you will be invited to learn your own body’s language and how it speaks to you. This includes:

  • Exploring different movements without causing harm
  • Identifying your own ranges of movement
  • Learning how to recognise what your body is telling you
  • Using breathing exercises to influence nervous system states
  • Utilising myofascial unwinding to release stuck patterns
  • Practicing myofascial rebounding to aid regulation

These empowering tools will help you be better able to support your own overall health and wellbeing as well as reducing pain/tension, enhancing balance in the body’s systems and promoting relaxation.

What is Myofascial Yoga? 

Myofascial Yoga invites you into a conversation with your body, giving you time and space to learn how to listen and communicate more deeply. By learning to recognise what your body is saying, it is possible to reduce pain, improve movement, build resilience and increase well-being; all whilst having fun at the same time!

Myofascial Yoga was developed by Christine Wushke, an myofascial release practitioner, yoga therapist, Hakomi teacher and functional movement trainer. By recognising and applying the commonalities between traditional yoga practice and the latest fascial research, Christine has developed a way of working with the body that meets you where you are at, allowing you to move forward with your recovery from wherever you are.

About Your Teachers:

Claire – Claire has completed a 200hr Myofascial Yoga Teacher with Christine Wushke and is currently working towards the 500hr certification. Claire has trained extensively with John F. Barnes in the USA in the practice of Myofascial Release (MFR) and is also an experienced reflexologist, a Holy Fire III Karuna Reiki master teacher and trained massage therapist. Claire recognises the individuality of each person, and her holistic approach responds to the causes of your symptoms, your body and you. Claire has had her own journey with chronic pain and is always excited to help others find freedom, space and peace within their own bodies.

SahaSarah – A trained Gong Master and Kirtan Leader, Sarah is passionate about the profound healing power of sound. Sarah has completed a 200 hour training in Kirtan (also known as the Yoga of Sound) with Nikki Slade as well as a plethora of gong and sound trainings, and is also qualified in Holistic Massage, as well as being a Reiki II practitioner.

Sarah believes in the innate healing wisdom we all have within and works to help her clients access and connect with this. She aims to enhance her client’s overall sense of physical and emotional wellbeing. As well as facilitating monthly sound baths, Sarah also offers one to one tailor-made sessions in holistic massage, sound healing and reiki or a combination of these.

Please visit Claire’s website  for more information and to book

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