Tuesday 18th February 2020, 7pm – 9pm

About this Event

Experience the deep holistic resonance and spiritual energy of the gong.

The gong is one of the oldest musical instruments in the world, based on ancient wisdom, these instruments can vibrate at the same frequency as the body, allowing the body to help with its own healing process. The spiritual sounds and vibrations of the gong can create a deep relaxation and state of meditation, and with these vibrations can come a sense of unity within the group, which is very likely to stimulate peaceful and creative moments.

Many people have noticeable experiences during a Gong Bath. Some can feel their bodies twitch (as the energy meridians are cleared & balanced), others have insights, bursts of creative ideas, see splashes of colour behind their closed eyes, maybe an out of body experience, or simply encounter feelings of total peace & connection.

Emrys Skye will deliver an immersive sound healing session with his array of symphonic (planetary), Chau and wind gong varieties for the first hour of your experience in our beautiful barn with heated floors and sympathetic lighting. This is then followed by an opportunity to embrace the beautiful Norfolk skyline stargazing around our fire pit with unlimited supplies of vegan hot chocolate.

£22 per ticket