14th December to 17th December 2019
About Naresh and Liam
Naresh Giangrande

Co-founder of Transition Town Totnes, the first Transition Town, and of Transition Training, Naresh has been involved in designing, running and evolving many of the events, groups, and trainings that have been at the heart of the enormously successful Transition Towns movement. As one of the initiators, he has delivered hundreds of Transition Trainings to thousands of participants in twenty countries that has lead to a local project in South West England becoming a world wide movement in over 50 countries.He has also delivered hundreds of talks and interviews on issues relating to Transition and regenerative culture.   

He co-designed and co-facilitated the first Deep Adaptation Deep Dive in December 2018, and is part of a group who are exploring what ‘Deep Adaptation’ means both personally and as a society.   

He is currently working with Gaia Education developing new ways of delivering regenerative education for the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals and on a new project currently called Contemplative Activism.

Before the Transition movement took over his life he lived and worked in an eco community, was Managing Director of a landscape company, a gaffer in the film industry, and taught meditation.

He is joyfully aware of the preciousness of life, his capacity for love, and his own mortality. He is father to two lovely daughters and two equally gorgeous grandchildren.

Liam Kavanagh

Liam Kavanagh is director of research at Art Earth Tech, and works on counteracting science’s lagging ability to recognise what can be called “inner guidance.” These efforts include consulting on outreach to the scientific community at Plum Village buddhist monastery (founded by Thich Nhat Hanh.) As a cognitive scientist he is influenced by mediation practice and specialised in embodied and emotional cognition before turning his attention to cultural activism. He writes and organises events on issues in collective wisdom and intelligence. Liam holds a PhD in cognitive science from University of California at San Diego.

About the retreat

As the news on our climate and ecological  continues to deteriorate we often hear people say “well, it will all be fine because there is going to be a shift in  consciousness” — but we’re asking ourselves: “Where is this ‘shift in consciousness’ can’t we do something to bring this shift about?” 

A less light hearted way of saying it is that, by now it has become clear that we have to create many kinds of radical change at unprecedented speed to avoid the disintegration of our culture, and the extinction of much of life on earth. The early effects of climate chaos are making this more apparent every day. 

Yet it also must have become clear to most of us that we don’t know how to do this at the speed and at the scale necessary. It seems right for us to move as decisively and radically in new directions,  and use every tool at our disposal to avoid as much harm as we can. Contemplative traditions and the innate capacities that they make use of are such a tool.

The event will primarily be a facilitated, emergent process, using our current ways of understanding the contemplative activism ‘field’ to develop and enhance our mutual ability to create a shift in consciousness. This will be coupled with time to contemplate and just be.  


£300 — concessions may be available – please enquire

Email [email protected] with enquiries. Due to the intense nature of the subject, we will have short phone conversations with all prospective attendees.