Awakening Prana Within Yoga Retreat

Awakening Prana Within Yoga Retreat
27 January, 2023

Prana is an energy that pulses through the body along a network of body channels. Similar to the central nervous system, the channels, or nadis, connect and flow from the mind and act as a conduit for energy, prana.

This retreat will be focusing on connecting to our energy through our yoga and pranayama (breathing practices) both in movement and in stillness, awakening energy from within that may feel stuck, overloaded and simply needing channels resetting.

January is the perfect time to reboot the mind, body and soul with the promise of a new year ahead it’s the perfect time and space to make new and positive intentions; Sankalpa.

Physically we will be indulging in prana flows, uplifting and awakening our energy and aliveness from within and in the evenings will be practicing restorative yoga, nidras and Thai Massage techniques to encourage our nervous system to calm and reset to a place of homeostasis.

Seasonal food will support and revitalise, from our creative caterer / foodie Nourish Co, nourishing our beings with immune boosting flavoursome seasonal menus’s over our time together.

There will be a Gong Sound bath weaved into the retreat raising our vibrations and tuning into the sound of yoga.

My wonderful colleague Dawn, a Thai massage therapist, will have her own therapy room where you will be able to book massages separately during your stay.

Please email me for more details and with any questions or visit

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