5 Elements of Nature Day Retreat with Firefly Yoga

5 Elements of Nature Day Retreat with Firefly Yoga

16 September, 2023

Saturday 16th September 2023, 10 am-6 pm

5 Elements of Nature Day Retreat

Relax, unwind, and nurture yourself at this beautiful venue set in lush 21 acres of gardens, woodlands, lakes, and rivers. This eco-friendly paradise is the perfect back-to-nature day retreat it runs on 90+% renewables and organic principles. The delicious drinking water is drawn from a fresh chalk well and is available at every tap.

During your stay, you will have plenty of free time to explore.

Walk along the idyllic river valley or sit under the ancient trees, you’ll find every type of tree and shrub indigenous to the UK growing happily on the 21-acre estate. The ecology of the floating water meadows has earned its title as a site of special scientific interest. The beautiful onsite lake sits in front of our venue, it is fed by a chalk stream and makes’s ideal for a lazy row in one of the rowboats at no extra cost or some wild water swimming.

The outdoor pool is naturally filtered, meaning it is devoid of any harsh chemicals. It is heated by a biomass boiler, making it an even more eco-friendly heated swimming pool.

Seasonal food will support and revitalise you throughout the day. A plant-based lunch, snacks and drinks will be provided throughout the day, however, if you fancy heading down to the kitchen garden café on site, it uses organic produce from the site and is guided by the seasons. Here you can treat yourself to a coffee and a piece of cake.

If you wanted to make the most of this beautiful venue and stay the night or weekend at this stunning location, please let me know, and I can give you information on the tree houses, bell tents and cabins available to hire.


Arrival 9.30 am, and Opening practice 10 am.

  • Fire Element – Yoga practice, warming flow designed to ignite and invigorate the physical body, no previous experience is necessary, and this session is suitable for all levels. To finish the practice, enjoy some relaxing breathwork.
  • Water Element- After a snack and drink, you will be invited to join me on a mindfulness meditation walk around the beautiful grounds and many waterways. Most religious traditions have understood the element of water as the great purifier, water washes clean and makes new, it is the power of purification, the healing balm of compassion, and the mystical presence of creativity. During our mindful meditation, we will stop at the Sanctuary Garden located across the lake, the sanctuary garden is a restful space perfect for quiet meditation, with plenty of seating and beautiful streams, it’s a wonderful place to relax and reflect. 
  • After a scrumptious Vegetarian based lunch, you can continue to explore the Water element- swim in the heated swimming pool, or if you’re feeling wild enough, take a wild water swim in the stunning lake.
  • Earth Element – in the afternoon, we can take ourselves outside around the beautiful ancient trees of the estate. Connect to the earth element by making your own Mugwort smudge sticks, we will connect with the sacred plants used, both literally and figuratively. Smudge sticks can be used for clearing space, healing, recovery from emotional upset, or simply cleaning the air that surrounds you. I will give you some information on the magic of Mugwork and guidance on how to make a smudge stick.

Smudging is a way of using plants to make beneficial smoke. It is a worldwide tradition that goes back thousands of years. Smoke is deeply symbolic – it ascends to heaven, and many cultures believe the smoke takes intention and prayers with it. It is essential in almost all Native American ceremonies. In fact, most traditional cultures, Hinduism, Buddhism and more, have some form of cleansing and blessing ritual involving smoke. Smoke was offered to the deities and used for meditation and ritual. Even the West retains traces of it – the incense wafting through a church or temple is cleansing the atmosphere just as surely as an ancient smudge.

  • Air Element – to finish the wonderful day, lightness, movement, and expansion, in our body and mind. Moving into a restorative yoga practice, beautiful breathwork opens the heart chakra.
  • Ether Element -Connection, clear, light, dreaminess, spiritual, subtle expansive energy, connection with the subtle sounds of the crystal singing bowls, plus many other percussion instruments ether connection with higher spirit through crystal and crystal sound healing.
  • After our session, you should feel delightfully light, aligned, and peaceful. There is no need to rush off take your time, maybe sit by a tree, or continue relaxing on your mat.

Please bring your own mats, props, blankets, and eye pillows if you have any. I do have some equipment, so please let me know in advance if you need anything. Make sure to wear something comfortable and bring plenty of layers, check the weather report before the day retreat to make sure you are dressed suitably, and remember your swimming costume and a towel.. 

Investment price £135

Contact Maria for more information – fireflyyoga@hotmail.com


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