5 Elements of nature day retreat with Firefly Yoga


Saturday 17th September


5 Elements of Nature day retreat with Firefly Yoga

Immerse yourself in nature as you pause and unplug at this connect to 5 Elements of nature day retreat. The retreat is created to nourish mind, body, and soul. Where you can rest with like-minded people as we set our intention, focusing on connection embracing rest and journeying within.

Relax, unwind, and nurture yourself at this beautiful venue set in lush 21 acres of gardens, woodlands, lake, and river.

If you wanted to make the most of this beautiful venue and stay the night or weekend at this stunning location, please let me know. I can give you information on the tree houses, bell tents and cabins available to hire.

Arrival 9.30
Opening practice 10–6pm a gentle yoga sequence involving pranayama breathing techniques incorporating the five elements of nature.

Earth – supports foundation, grounding and maintaining awareness.
Water – representing fluidity adaptability and connection.
Air – lightness, movement, and expansion.
Fire – summons intensity and abundance along with discipline an inspiration.
Ether – connection, clear, light, dreaminess, spiritual, subtle expansive energy.

During the day we will continue to connect with the 5 elements of nature, outside meditation in the Sanctuary garden around the ancient trees. Water ceremony, also plenty of free time to connect with the many water ways and the stunning lake of the estate. Air breath work in nature. Ether connection with higher spirit through crystal sound healing.

Our closing practice of the day will be a fire ceremony. A fire ceremony is a symbolic event held to support release and healing. Letting go is a natural and necessary part of growth, from the trees releasing their leaves to preserve energy when the weather turns cold, to a snake shedding the skin that it has outgrown. During our day at the retreat, you will spend some time in nature meditating and have written down your thoughts and feelings that you are ready to release. You will then toss the paper into the fire and say aloud what you are ready to release and let go of what no longer serves you.

All snacks, Vegetarian lunch and drinks are provided throughout the day. Use of the swimming pool and lake to wild water swim. Kitchen garden cafe is open for a coffee throughout the day.

£150 per person £75 non-refundable deposit.

Limited number of spaces available.



Please contact Maria for more details and with any questions
07990 074426 | fireflyyoga@hotmail.com 

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