At West Lexham we honour the Pagan tradition of marking the Celtic eight-fold wheel of the year with a celebration. The Celtic wheel celebrates significant seasonal points, allowing us to step out of our routine and re-balance ourselves in alignment with the timings of the natural world.

We will hold seasonal workshops, feasts and fire ceremonies, dancing, playing and merriment – all gently and expertly guided to aid us in relaxing resetting and re-energising.

Samhain Celebration of the Ancestors Sunday 31st October 2021

Samhain is the word for November in Gaeilge (Irish) and is thought to be derived from ‘sam-fuin’, meaning end of summer. During this time we have a chance to honour and remember our ancestors.

ALBAN ARTHAN Alban Arthan - the light of Arthur - Death and Rebirth - Wednesday 22nd December 2021

It’s said by some that this festival is named after King Arthur Pendragon and others after the Constellation of the Great Bear which resides overhead during this festival.