Enjoy a truly Dog-Friendly Getaway at West Lexham!

As the popularity of staycations rises, more and more people are opting to explore the UK rather than jetting abroad. For dog owners, bringing their furry companions along for the adventure is a must. But what makes a good dog-friendly location? And why should you consider West Lexham for your next break away with your […]

How Sustainable Architecture Shapes the West Lexham Estate

When we think about architecture, we often picture impressive buildings with sleek lines and towering heights. However, as our world becomes increasingly aware of sustainability and our actions’ impact on the environment, architecture is evolving to incorporate sustainable practices that reduce harm and work towards regenerative design. Sustainable architecture is a design approach that prioritises […]

Discover the Benefits of Wild Swimming at West Lexham

Have you delved into the world of wild swimming yet? Wild swimming involves taking a dip in natural freshwater bodies like lakes, rivers, and even the open sea. Even better, it has several health benefits! Whether a beginner or a pro, wild swimming is a unique and refreshing way to take your countryside break, trail […]

How to Make the Most of your Wellness Retreat

Wellness is a booming industry, and post-Covid many of us are far more aware of the benefits of a rounded lifestyle that incorporates well-being in day-to-day life and business. West Lexham has been offering opportunities to escape and rejuvenate for over 12 years. In fact, West Lexham is designed to be a collaborative, transformative environment, […]

Cold water therapy that is now considered one of life’s tonics

Wild Swimming at West Lexham Wild swimming, or open water swimming, is a cold water therapy that is now considered one of life’s tonics. It has a proven positive impact on not only our physical health but our mental health as well. Wild swimming is simply the practice of swimming in a natural body of […]

Stays in September: Produce!

STAYS IN SEPTEMBER: PRODUCE! 20 AUGUST 2021 BACK TO BLOG > There are so many wonderful things about staying in Norfolk (especially at West Lexham!) in September. These kinds of stays are a well-kept secret, but it’s definitely time to spill the beans and let you all know what you’re missing out on, while you […]

Meet West Lexham’s Newest Recruits – our Kickstarters

Meet the Team …  So much has been changing and developing in the last year and it’s time to finally share some of the stories, behind the scenes and incredible staff members with you. Here at West Lexham we’re passionate about getting young people educated about nature and the amazing things we do here, so […]

Getting Back to Nature at West Lexham

31 MAY 2019 BACK TO BLOG > THE NORM Growing up in rural Northumberland and County Durham, Simon has long been accustomed to living in and visiting scenic and ecologically diverse areas. His family homes all had beautiful gardens, and this continued for our own family as our daughters grew up bringing friends round to […]

Is Veganism life-changing?

27 JULY 2018 BACK TO BLOG > COULD A DEVOTED MEAT EATER EVER TURN VEGAN? Many clients are now changing their eating habits and they want this reflected in the event that they are holding, whether it be a retreat or corporate event. Julia from Purple Plum https://www.purpleplumcatering.co.uk/vegan-fun/ has been having a lot of fun […]

How to choose the right Yoga Retreat

25 APRIL 2018 BACK TO BLOG > There are four things that, when combined together, have my step-sister setting sail for an ultimate trip to euphoria: yoga, relaxation, friends, and wine! Whatever your idea of heaven for a weekend away, yoga retreats provide you with a great opportunity to unwind and have some fun, meeting […]

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