Friday 4th December – Sunday 6th December 2020

About Julie

Julie Crawford (formerly Julie Griffiths) is one of the UKs most experienced Pilates instructors with over 20 years’ experience in the fitness industry.  Julie has worked with some of the leading physios to rehabilitate clients who are recovering from illnesses and injuries.

Each week she works with over 95 clients (and their bodies) whose ages range from 7-99 years so has experience of all levels and all ages.

Every one of those clients inspires her teaching and her style.  Julie has a very down to earth approach to teaching and knows exactly what each student needs.

About the retreat

Arrive for a 4pm start, however we will be ready for arrivals 3:45pm onwards, settling in your room, and teas & coffees served

4:30 Arrival in the space (within Barn) that we will be using for Pilates and Meditation

We will be enjoying a welcome class of Pilates, Breathing practice into a meditation, held in the Barn, please bring your mats, and any equipment you like to use (Note mats and Blankets are supplied)  – this space can become yours for you to enjoy the weekend and return to at any point that you like.

6:45pm Welcome the group

7:00pm Pre dinner drinks and nibbles

7:15pm Dinner together, hosted by Purple Plum


7:30 am Hot Water & Lemon or Herbal Teas, Tea Coffee and Fruit and nuts will be available, boost energy levels pre class

(if you wake before please help yourself)

8:30-09:45am Pilates which will energise and awaken sleepy bodies and a variety of types of meditation practice to calm the mind followed by inspired breakfasts from  our expert in-house chef

11:45am Winter warmer walk  (weather permitting and optional)  guided walk (around 1 hour) in the beautiful grounds, this is the optimum time to walk in the winter to soak up vitamin D, hopefully the sun will be shining

1:45pm Lunch freshly prepared by Purple Plum

Followed by free time to rest, relax, read or indeed meditate…

6-7pm Pilates enjoying restorative poses, leading into relaxation

7:15pm Pre dinner drinks and nibbles

7:45pm Dinner together, hosted by Purple Plum


As a Sunday should be it will be a more relaxed start, to our day…

8:00am Hot Water & Lemon or Herbal Teas, Tea Coffee and Fruit and nuts will be available, boost energy levels pre class

8:45am-10am Pilates with time for reflection followed by inspired breakfasts from our expert in-house chef

Free time follows breakfast, time to rest, relax, read or indeed meditate…weather permitting and if interested, we may go for a group walk, if you leave the property on your own please let Julie know

Those of you who have booked treatments – times will be advised and will be after classes and breakfast.

1:30pm Lunch for all to enjoy together

3pm Relax in Lounge I am thinking of doing a group reflection here, a chance to write in our notebooks and make personal notes for intentions – will see how everyone feels …

Departures Sunday 3rd December 4pm 

There is a schedule until after lunch, when it is free time, there is no rush to leave on the Sunday as there is plenty of time to just be in the space

Everything is optional!


Double occupancy ensuite £420 per person.

Single occupancy ensuite £720 per person.

Full payment required at time of booking

To Book

Email Julie [email protected] give her a call on 07946067266 or visit her website