Monday 13th September to Friday 17th September 2020

About Sabina

I am experienced teacher who is passionate about yoga and believe that yoga is not something you “do” but is a state of living and being. My teaching is influenced not only by two decades of being an exercise movement specialist but also by having studied Buddhism and cultural anthropology at University and ever since. I teach physically challenging classes influenced mainly by Jivamukti yoga and vinyasa flow: as well as being a way of exploring oneself, both physically and mentally, there is always a focus on yoga philosophy, pranayama and meditation.
I am also a qualified Restorative and Yin yoga teacher and believe these quieter, more internal yoga practices are becoming ever more needed in our busy society. As an Intrinsic Biomechanics Coach (aka anatomy geek!) I also encourage a strong focus on individually-appropriate alignment in each asana.

About the Retreat

This retreat will encourage you to create space in both your body and your mind through a variety of yoga practices, both dynamic and gentle. With space and the stillness that can come after movement, you can access wisdom about how to live your life creatively and fully.

On Monday after settling in there will be a 2 hour yoga practice before enjoying dinner and the evening together. Each day will then have a more physically demanding yoga class in the morning, including meditation, pranayama and lessons on the history and philosophy of yoga. Each evening there will be a more gentle yoga practice of either restorative or yin yoga. There will also be masterclasses where you will get a chance to look in more detail at specific asanas.

On Thursday evening you can savour the beautiful experience of a gong bath, and each afternoon there is plenty of time to explore, enjoy each other’s company and simply to be. There are also optional massage and reflexology treatments each afternoon.


We will enjoy wonderful vegan/vegetarian food together, thanks to our fabulous local chefs from Purple Plum. All food is freshly prepared and locally sourced wherever possible.


All rooms are twin en-suites which open into the beautiful courtyard garden. You can choose to share with a friend or make a good new one!

For more information and to book please contact Sabina by phone on 07793 893545 or email [email protected]