Unleashing Creativity  20-22nd November 2020


Our Unleashing Creativity Retreat is a healing journey to find the true source of creativity within you and to learn to let this flow by identifying blocks that might be getting in the way.  


This is both a healing retreat and a meditation retreat. It is suitable for beginners and advanced meditators alike. The energetic healing techniques used will make it far easier to focus and get into deep meditative states than practicing normally, and this will pave the way for an easier meditation practice after the retreat.  The active healing involved will work equally well no matter how focused you remain during the meditations. 


There will be drawing and art sessions in this retreat. No experience of art is necessary. All materials will be provided, but you are also welcome to bring your own art materials. 


Recipe for Creativity retreat:


  • Key ingredient = YOU getting away from it all
  • Take a handful of other like minded souls
  • Gently mix in a beautiful retreat centre in the heart of the countryside 
  • Feed with delicious vegetarian food and a generous dollop of love
  • Warm through with 6 deep energetic Healing Sessions
  • Allow it all to sink in with questions and group discussions 
  • Sprinkle it with advice around practitioners who could help going forward
  • Lap it all up and slip into a comfy bed each night for a peaceful sleep
  • Take away a big slice with Mediations and Practices to do in your own time


To come on a retreat is to immerse yourself in healing and relaxation. To get away from it all, to reset, meet new friends, walk in nature, eat outstanding food and rest and recharge with full night’s sleep could be considered enough to bring happiness in itself. As if this was not enough, the lasting change will come through the healing sessions. 


Examples of what the  healing sessions will towards:


  • Letting go of investment in the outcome of any creative endeavors to allow more freedom to create.
  • Breaking down the need to be someone or viewed by others in a certain way through what you create. 
  • Brining in a certain joy that encourages creativity
  • Creating a sense of engagement and connection with the world so as to create to contribute to it, it rather than in isolation as a personal mission. 
  • To create through a love of the act itself.  Creativity is love moving. 
  • Grounding to assist focus. 
  • Getting the mind out of the way by creative space for you in which the true source  of creativity can create through you as opposed to your mind leading it.
  • Reducing resistance and breaking down the avoidance of creativity which is often self doubt and fear.
  • Learning to listen to inner stillness and letting creativity arise naturally, rather than forcing it. 




The meditation and healing sessions will be interspersed with art sessions which will highlight and emphasise progress made through the healing sessions. 


The principle healing technique will be Vortex Healing, which uses our deepest essence as oneness to bring us back into wholeness. The nature of that oneness, which could also be called Divinity, the Tao, Atman, the Self…..is joy, light and love. To experience our truest nature like this is to experience joy and through comes our natural creativity. The experience we have of being a separate entity, apart from the whole, introduces us to negative experiences and therefore patterning that obscures our natural state as creative. 


While these healing sessions will give a glimpse of our true nature, the journey to permanent realisation of this is long. We cannot in any way promise to heal all patterning and conditioning that blocks creativity. We can, however, make significant inroads, help you on the path and give you essential tools to speed your way. Ultimately you will need to take responsibility for this journey. So the purpose of this retreat is to help you do that, whether it is boosting an experienced meditator, or giving a map to someone starting out. 


Questions and discussions around practices and issues raised in the healing sessions will greatly help to consolidate the healing and bring your awareness into what needs to be done in the future. 


Edmund Colville 


I have been loved painting and drawing since my father taught me to use watercolours as a child. My style has evolved hugely over the years. While I lived in Cape Town I held exhibitions alongside professionally designing gardens. However when I moved back to England my style changed due to the different surrounding and I explored printmaking and digital art. I now use all my garden and building design knowledge on the creative development of West Lexham and its gardens. I have very much enjoyed designing the buildings, especially the treehouses. I am now working on a dedicated art studios both for myself and our guest. The evolution of my creative path has very much intertwined with my healing journey. I am now at a stage where I would like to share my learning in both with others. 


On healing: I have been studying yoga and meditation for 20 years and have learnt and experimented with many different healing techniques and processes. It has been a wonderful journey and all that I have learnt has become supportive parts of an overall understanding of holistic healing. I was delighted when, 9 years ago I discovered Vortex Healing which affirmed and included so many parts of what I had learnt but added considerable additional possibilities. About then my journey in setting up and growing West Lexham as a retreat centre started and that healing journey has run parallel to building the business. For me life gives you exactly the challenges that you need to heal and certainly West Lexham has not been without its challenges. For me it has been a Dharmic path, in that walking it has necessarily brought up the parts of me that need healing and provided the right circumstances to facilitate that healing. So studying Vortex Healing which is both a way of healing and awakening to our true nature, has optimised these opportunities. I am very pleased therefore that the time has come for me to be able to offer some of what I have learnt about Healing Retreats in the Centre that I have built. I have been to, and worked on countless retreats over the years and I know how nurturing and beneficial the right setting, environment and content can be for people. I have also been exposed to many of the techniques that are available nowadays for healing. So I am very pleased to be able to distill all that learning into a truly effective retreat series that I feel sure will create lasting change for participants. 


Vortex Healing 


Vortex Healing is healing lineage that is around 5600 years old. At its core, is a relationship with the divine, the oneness that is all creation. The divine energy and consciousness of this, is the power behind the healing tools which heal the wounds of separation while bringing us back to wholeness. Consequently the healing techniques are very powerful and because of the divine intelligence behind them targets the precise and deepest areas that need attention, for maximised benefit. Vortex healing as a discipline seeks to map out the human energetic anatomy inasmuch detail as the medical sciences map out the physical anatomy. Consequently Vortex healing corresponds to, and also works on, systems set out in other ancient medicines such as the chakras in Ayurveda, and meridians in Chinese Medicine. Vortex Healing brings together all these and previously uncharted parts of the energy system to be able to offer detailed protocols for a variety of illnesses from knocking out viruses, to treating allergies, to energising particular organs, to working on emotional issues such as fear and anger. With such broad possibilities Vortex Healing is best considered a healing art. Even with the scientific discipline and detail of Vortex healing, the human energy system is so complex and the causes of any issues worked on so multifaceted and networked, and the ways of treating the illness so numerous; it comes down to the individual healer to intuitively work with the recipient and healing energies. Since those healing energies have their own integince the results are astoundingly effective. The great joy of Vortex Healing is also that while you may be treating a specific thing with a great deal of focus, the divinity in what you are doing is also always looking to evolve the system as a whole, to move towards the ultimate spiritual goal, a return to wholeness through awakening to our true nature as That. 


The retreat will run from 16.00pm Friday 20th November until 16.30pm 22nd November 2020

All food, snacks and hot drinks are included in the price. 

Ensuite bedroom prices:

£495pp (single occupancy) 

£435pp (double or shared twin room)

If you would like to book a bell tent or treehouse please let us know.

To book or enquire please email [email protected]