About Sophie

After years working in a tough, stressful job in the TV industry as an Assistant Director, Sophie decided to completely change her direction in life to become a yoga teacher. Sharing her story with others, she realised there were so many people in a similar position, finding it hard to find time to lead a happy & healthy life. So she set out on a mission – to help people access yoga and create a healthier and more balanced lifestyle.

My life before yoga

For eight years I was working in TV on shows such as Spooks, Mr. Selfridge, Ashes to Ashes and Call the Midwife.  I was on set every day meeting incredible people, travelling all over, completely absorbed by the buzz of being part of a film set.  It was in some ways an amazing job, but in a lot of ways it was brutal.  I was working 90-hour weeks on short term contracts, always worrying about finding the next job. I have battled with insomnia since the age of 15 and in 2015 the job took its toll on me and I was signed off work.   I was exhausted and knew that my work had completely and utterly taken over my life.

How yoga changed my life

That’s where yoga came in.  I had started practicing yoga earlier that year, but didn’t really have the time to commit to it.  Suddenly quitting my job, I now had plenty of free time and I became obsessed! Yoga was everything I had needed for so long – it created balance in my life, it had this incredible effect on me where I felt so calm yet so energised at the same time, it made me feel strong and empowered, it gave me a space to find confidence, self-esteem and hope.  Hope that I would find my way in life, even though I had been feeling like everything around me was falling apart. The practice inspired me so much that pretty soon after quitting TV I knew I wanted to become a yoga teacher.

Why I teach

I hope that through my yoga classes I can help you find the much needed balance that so many of us crave, I hope I can inspire you to turn your dreams into a reality and most of all I hope I can make you feel kick-ass and strong both physically and mentally…. both on and off your yoga mat.

Retreat info 

I would love to spend the weekend with you in a beautiful barn in Norfolk, snuggled up to the fire, eating incredible food, spending time relaxing, practicing lots of yoga…

What to expect

Join us at West Lexham Barn on Friday afternoon or as early as you can get there after work.  We will welcome you with a cup of tea to our big comfy lounge area with two log burning fires.  The first evening Sophie will take you through a slow vinyasa flow.  This will be followed by a delicious meal and a yoga nidra meditation before you head to bed.  (Feel free time come to the yoga nidra in your pyjamas!)

On Saturday we will wake up to a light snack followed by a 2 hour dynamic yoga class in our beautiful and spacious yoga studio.  I am passionate about making a retreat a space where everyone can explore their practice on a deeper level. It doesn’t matter what level of practice you have, there will be time to delve into the practice and learn something new.

The class will be followed by a deliciously hearty brunch.  The afternoon is yours to walk around the gardens, relax in the house by the fire, chat over cups of tea, have a massage or snooze the afternoon away.

On Saturday afternoon/early evening there will be a self-practice workshop where I will be teaching you how to create your own yoga sequence at home as well as talk to you about my daily practices of gratitude, intentions and affirmations.

This will be followed by a restorative yoga class where we will use tennis balls for myofascial release. We will then be treated to an incredible sound journey will all sorts of instruments (Himalayan singing bowls, Nepalese shamanic drums, gongs and more!)

Another feast of a dinner will end our day with more cosy chats by the fire.

Sunday we will have a final dynamic practice followed by another brunch (there will be plenty of food and this will be a big highlight of the weekend).  The afternoon is yours for more free time.

The yoga will be fun and Sophie will cater to whatever level your practice is at.  We will have a chance to workshop various poses and play with the practice so expect to learn a lot!


The food will be vegetarian / vegan food and we can cater to all dietary requirements.

To book

Email [email protected]


“Sophie is the most brilliant teacher, her flows are always really unique and beautifully thought out and I always feel incredible after her class – strong, stretched and just so much happier.” Deliciously Ella.